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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Hat on model--wool--hand dyed, spun and knitted--$25.00

Top row:

burgandy/gold/pink hat--acrylic/nylon--hand knitted--$10.00
blue/green/purple hat--acrylic/nylon--hand knitted $10.00

Bottom row:

blue/green variagated--eyelash yarn--hand knitted--$10.00
blue multi--acrylic/nylon--hand knitted--$10.00

Monday, April 10, 2006

Wool Scarves

Left to right:

wool scarf--hand dyed, spun and knitted--shades of gray, pink and purple--$25.00

wool scarf--hand dyed, spun and knitted--a beautiful coppery red--$25.00

wool/angora/mohair scarf--hand dyed, spun and knitted--shades of white, pink and purple--$30.00


wool scarf--hand dyed, spun and loom knitted--shades of white, pink, purple and blue--$15.00

Wool Hats

Wool hat on model--hand dyed, spun and knitted, a very dark brown with variagated brown/gold/yellow trim--$25.00


wool hat--hand dyed, spun and knitted--peach, gold and green shades--$25.00


wool hat--hand dyed, spun and knitted--shades of cherry red--$25.00

Boa Scarves

Left to right:

sparkly marroon, multi (gold/ lilac/ blue), purple, multi (green/marroon), multi (red/black), multi (lilac/gray)

$15.00 each

Pot Holders

Indeed, these are the old time pot holder loom weavings. They make great pot holders, of course, but they also make wonderful mug rugs to keep the hot/cold drinks from leaving rings on your furniture.

At only 50 cents each, you can't go wrong!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Knitted Bags

Top Row:

blue, green/silver, brown/yellow, red/silver

Middle Row:

brown/yellow, greens/mauve (SOLD), blue

Bottom Row:

red/silver, red/white/green/silver

Knitted Bags - acrylic
Machine wash/dry
$5.00 each

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